case study:

Ancient Roman Gladiators


The purpose of this infographic is to deliver an interactive learning tool to those whom may be curious about the many types of champions that fought for the entertainment of ancient roman audiences.

The Challenge

Throughout an attempt to create a visually-driven infographic about these ancient fighters, I had to overcome a variety roadblocks along the way to accomplishing my goal. These obstacles presented themseleves to me in the following stages of my creative process: Research, Rough ketches and Prototyping.

My Solution

In order to satisy the objectives of this project, I have taken an approach of carefully observing each problem one step at a time, thus allowing me to isolate the many components of which this creation is composed. The following content, documents a creative process which I have found to be effective in mitigting the difficulties I encountered.


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Rough Sketches

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I have found that the most effective strategy to beginning any project, is to flesh out my intital ideas through putting pencil to paper. Although many of my drawings in this stage are nothing more than just doodles, every sketch serves an important role in regard to the ideation phase.

In order to verify the accuracy of information within my work it, I typically have have to undergo a great amount of research. Not only does this this phase make sure that Im not misinforming the public, but it also serves as the source of inspiration and allows me to generate creative solutions for complicated problems.

The prototyping process is extremely important to my creative process as it allows me to determined how the information is revealed to the audience. Through thinking about how the user interacts with my creation, I can allow for a better user expereince, and thus communicate to my intended audience more much effectively.