Throughout my daily excursions around Ohio University's campus, I am frequently greeted by a variety of feline friends on my way to and from class. Each cat that I encounter appears have thier own unique personality. The following content aims to document these cats and their individual characteristics.

Meet the Stars!

#1: Oni

Oni is a little calico kitten with a big personality. One thing you might notice about Oni, is that her right eye is significantly larger than her left! Oni was born completely blind in her right eye, but that doesn't stop her from having fun! She loves to explore and play, especially with string and yarn! Oni may be sporadic and restless, but she is always in the mood to play. She loves to try to scare her human friends by hiding and jumping out to attack their feet! While she may be young, she certainly is a force to be reckoned with.

#2: Pumpkin

Pumpkin is a plush orange tabby who live in the Athens Board of Elections office on Court Street. He is showered with love by Ohio University students and spends his days sitting in the large bay window waiting for someone to come give him some attention. Pumpkin definetly has a very soft and friendly personality, and he can warm up to anyone within seconds. Unlike the other cats, Pumpkin is not as active and would much rather bask in the adoration of his admirers.

#3: Mr.Pepper

Mr. Pepper is a handsome gray tabby cat who has a romantic personality. He is a friendly and approachable cat who isn't shy about his personal space. Upon first meeting Mr. Pepper, he may even jump right into your lap! He is definetly well fed, and loves to share human food and snacks, especially pizza! Mr. Pepper is a very vocal cat who is always meowing for attention, and while some other cats on this street might be shy of humans, he is always trying to meet new friends.

#4: Russel

Russel is a knappy kurat cat with sunken yellowish-green eyes and big pointy ears. He spends the majority of his days lounging in a pile of leaves or associating with the gang of outdoor felines that run the block of Brown Ave. While the other cats on this street are quite intimidating and territorial, Russel is much more approachable and freindly. In fact, he is often affectionate enough to accompany one on a walk down the street!

#5: Acorn

Acorn is a brown tabby cat with beautiful green eyes. He is an outdoor cat with a fiesty attitude and an independent lifestyle. Upon first encounter, his grouchy disposition may give the impression that he's an unfriendly bloke. However, if you give him enough treats, Acorn may warm up to you and even let you rub his tummy! Acorn is quite elusive and comes & goes on his own accord. If your lucky enough to spend time with him, make sure you savor the moment.