Case Study: Chinese Radical Pictograms


The purpose of this page is to document a creative process that I have found to be very useful when developing interactive media. The following infographic that I have decided to use as a demonstration for this process, is a website that I created about Chinese radicals. This interactive learning tool is designed to help people who want to learn Chinese, to become more familiar with the most basic building blocks of the language.


In order to verify the accuracy of information within my work it, I typically have have to undergo a great amount of research. Not only does this this phase make sure that Im not misinforming the public, but it also serves as the source of inspiration and allows me to generate creative solutions for complicated problems.


The following doodles are an example of how I typically generate visual material for my infographics. In this particular instance, I had to find a visual connection between the Chinese radicals their definitions, in order to seamlessly communicate information to the user. The following rough sketches are an example of how my ideas are fleshed out on paper.



The lessons that I have taken away from this project, has allowed me to gain invaluable knowledge. More specifically, this assignment allowed me the opportunity to enhance my illustration skills and user experience knowledge to create a more effective infographics.