A Week in Makeup

VICO 3111 "A Week of Data" Assignment

The week of data project was assigned in John Grimwade’s VICO 3111 course. It was a broad assignment that required tracking a week’s worth of data on some topic, organizing the information, and then finding a way to visualize it in an infographic that displays the data in a way that’s easy to understand and draw conclusions from.

Collecting and Analyzing the Data

To document a week in makeup, I sat with my planner beside me each morning and wrote down what products I used and how long it took to apply them. I then researched the products to find how much each cost at retail value and how much use I’m able to get out of each product. I then calculated how much I spend on makeup each day.

Visualizing and Presenting the Data

I started with a rough sketch that included ideas on how I wanted to style the piece: fonts, colors, etc. (1/6)

After collecting the data and creating/scanning the swatches, I created a first draft based off of the sketch. (2/6)

Transition from single row to full page spread. (3/6)

Larger swatches, less white space. (4/6)

A closing statement is added to complete the narative. (5/6)

I like to revisit projects at a later date with fresh eyes. This draft was created two months after the project was completed. (6/6)

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2 / 6
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6 / 6

Problems Faced

I juggled around multiple ideas before settling on a week of makeup. I had considered doing how many times I laughed in a day, which would include things like what made me laugh the hardest and who I tended to laugh with the most, but it proved to be a bit tricky because I found that I’m essentially always laughing and there was no way to keep track of all of it. Then I wanted to track how many times I looked in a mirror in a week, which proved even more difficult because I was unable to settle on what my definition of “looking in a mirror” would be – does looking at my reflection in a window as I pass by count as looking in a mirror? What if it was unintentional?

Lessons Learned

This was the first time in college that I completely restarted a project. Typically I try to force myself to stay on track with the first idea I have, but this project taught me that being flexible can create a better end result. Had I stuck with trying to quantify laughter, I think I would've hit a lot of road blocks.
In addition to learning more about my design style and how to be more flexible, I learned a lot about my own lifestyle habits. I was startled to learn how much I’m spending (both in money and time) on makeup every week.

Information About the Products

The project wouldn't have been possible without the help of my trusty (and very full) makeup drawer.
Hover over a product to learn more about it.

Maybelline FitMe!

Dewy + Smooth, Shade 110

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L'Oreal Infallible

Pro Contour, Light

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The Nudes

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Lookset #17

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NYX Liquid Suede


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Beauty Gems

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